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Montour Musical 


To help everybody interested, we will have an audition workshop on Tuesday, November 1st from 7 - 8:30 PM in the band room. We will review the songs and give you tips on how to prepare your monologue. 

If you have a friend who is thinking about joining the musical and hasn't filled out a form, bring them! They can get a feel for what to expect at the audition.

To audition for Young Frankenstein, follow these three steps!

1. Complete the audition form - We will collect your background information and let you sign up for a time slot (Saturday, Nov 5th from 9 - 4 and Sunday, Nov 6th from 9 - 4). You will receive an email confirming your reserved time slot within a day of submitting the form. All audition forms must be completed by November 3rd. 


* All Cast, Stage Crew & Orchestra members need to fill out the audition form to be added to the Musical email list. 

3.Arrive at the high school 15 minutes before your time slot. Good luck!

2. Prepare for your audition. This year, the first-round audition with consist of four parts:

* Movement - Cara will lead a short exercise to assess your movement ability, poise and stage presence.

* Monologue - All students auditioning must present a short, memorized monologue from the provided list. 

* Dialogue - All students auditioning will be paired to present a short scene. These do not need to be memorized,      but we highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the characters and situations. 

* Singing - All students auditioning must sing a solo portion from one of the four attached songs. These must be memorized. The two audio clips provided for each song are a plain piano track, which will be exactly what you hear at your audition, and a piano track with the vocal melody line.

Male Choice 1 - "Together Again"

Male Choice 2 - "Send Me Someone" 

Female Choice 1 - "He Vas My Boyfriend" 

Female Choice 2 - "Listen to Your Heart"